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Why does ruth always feel comfortable near black poeple

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Hurry i'll give 20 pts and a brainly to whoever will comment first hurry no coying compares how both dickinson and shelley use form - lines, capitalization, and punctuation - to bring meaning to the poems "will there really be a 'morning'? ", "i dwell in possibility", and "ozymandias".
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Which syllables in "fiery" and "beaming" are unstressed/stressed?
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What the laws says about bull and bully
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Read the passage. then, identify the theme that is supported by the passage. most ships cannot survive a terrible thunderstorm. the ocean is an angry beast that will tame any who try to control it. the gods have the power to control human destiny. men are willing to die to eat the delicious cattle of the gods.
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Why does ruth always feel comfortable near black poeple...

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