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Events needed to bring the story to an end after the climax

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What is the significance of the novel's title? what is the "sweet hereafter"? a). a place you go after a tragedy takes your life b). a beautiful place the dead go, like heaven c). into the sunset, an ending that is not defined d). a dark sad place the dead go before rebirth
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From “the carolina way” what is the following quote an example of? “ i made them understand that our plan would fall apart if they didn’t take care of one another: set screens; play team defense; box out; pass to the open man.” a. cultural context b. shared value c. historical context d. universal theme
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Explain the process of conflict resolution in the plot line of the story
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Read the excerpt from part 3 of the call of the wild. but it was in giving the law and making his mates live up to it, that buck excelled. dave and sol-leks did not mind the change in leadership. it was none of their business. their business was to toil, and toil mightily, in the traces. so long as that were not interfered with, they did not care what happened. billee, the good-natured, could lead for all they cared, so long as he kept order. the rest of the team, however, had grown unruly during the last days of spitz, and their surprise was great now that buck proceeded to lick them into shape. what theme is most supported by the ideas in this excerpt? good leaders are strong and intelligent. loyalty can be a very powerful force. only the strong survive in the wilderness. we are all ruled by our natural instincts.
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Events needed to bring the story to an end after the climax...

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