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Which document would most benefit from the use of a visual aid?

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Plz read these paragraphs from the excerpt. every great play teaches many lessons and touches nearly all social problems. but the great play does this by indirection. every beautiful thought is a teacher; every noble line speaks to the brain and heart. beauty, proportion, melody suggest moral beauty, proportion in conduct and melody in life. in a great play the relations of the various characters, their objects, the means adopted for their accomplishment, must suggest, and in a certain sense solve or throw light on many social problems, so that the drama teaches lessons, discusses social problems and gives intellectual pleasure. the stage should not be dogmatic; neither should its object be directly to enforce a moral. the great thing for the drama to do, and the great thing it has done, and is doing, is to cultivate the imagination. this is of the utmost importance. the civilization of man depends upon the development, not only of the intellect, but of the imagination. most crimes of violence are committed by people who are destitute of imagination. people without imagination make most of the cruel and infamous creeds. they were the persecutors and destroyers of their fellow-men. by cultivating the imagination, the stage becomes one of the greatest teachers. it produces the climate in which the better feelings grow; it is the home of the ideal. all beautiful things tend to the civilization of man. the great statues plead for proportion in life, the great symphonies suggest the melody of conduct, and the great plays cultivate the heart and brain. which statement describes how ingersoll uses a literary technique in his response? a-by using symbols, ingersoll explains the role of artistic expression, which engages readers. b- by using a metaphor, ingersoll explains how artistic thoughts address social issues, which clarifies his idea. c- by using allusion, ingersoll emphasizes the continued growth of artistic expression, which is relatable to readers. d- by using alliteration, ingersoll emphasizes the role drama plays in society, which evokes strong emotion.
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Read the excerpt from julius caesar, act 5, scene 5. brutus. why this, volumnius. the ghost of caesar hath appeared to me two several times by night—at sardis once, and this last night, here in philippi fields. i know my hour is come. volumnius. not so, my lord. brutus. nay, i am sure it is, volumnius. thou seest the world, volumnius, how it goes. our enemies have beat us to the pit, [low alarums] it is more worthy to leap in ourselves than tarry till they push us. which prediction about the plot does this passage most support? brutus will replace caesar. brutus will take his own life. brutus will surrender to his enemies. brutus will be forever haunted by caesar.
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Which piece of evidence would best support reason #1? othe history of using animals for research extends asfar back as 322 bce, when early greek physician-scientists, such as aristotle and erasistratus, performed various experiments on living animals. animal research played an essential role in thedevelopment of herceptin and tamoxifen, twomedications that have already saved the lives ofthousands of women who have been diagnosed withbreast cancer. even those who believe in testing on animals when it is hnecessary for vital medical research practice what isknown as "the 3 rs-reduction, refinement, andreplacement to reduce the number of animals usedfor testing. biologists believe that chimpanzees share at least 98.4percent of the same dna as humans and gorillas shareat least 97 percent, making primates a popular andlikely choice for the testing of products intended for humans​
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Eating while you drive a. increases your risk of being involved in a collision b. is only risky with heavily packaged foods c. should only be done with food that can be handled easily
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