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What indicates that king is writing his letter to an audience other than his fellow clergymen?

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Read this excerpt from “hmong tops.” the boys walked side by side across the deep cracks in the uneven pavement. gray apartment buildings bordered the neighborhood streets in endless rows. tiny strips of yellowed grass peeked out of the side yards, teasing onlookers with promises of spring they never delivered. the author most likely uses this description to
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It warportant fact about the wounded soldiers is reflected by the repetition of the bolded sentences in the excerpts from "in another country" by ernest hemingway? a. it establishes the irony that, although the wounded soldiers have physically left the warfront, the war continues to haunt them psychologically it shows the gradual loss of hope and growing depression of the wounded soldiers and their need for distractions b. c. it establishes the wounded soldiers' determination to shun war and disobey military commands to return to the front after they recover. d. it shows the wounded soldiers' sadness and disappointment at the lack of gratitude from the people they risked their lives to protect e it shows the wounded soldiers' belief that the war would never end, even as thousands of soldiers were killed or wounded and sent to hospitals.
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Read this excerpt from "hope, despair, and memory" and answer the question. and yet it is surely human to forget, even to want to forget. the ancients saw it as a divine gift. indeed if memory us to survive, forgetting allows us to go on living. how could we go on with our daily lives, if we remained constantly aware of the dangers and ghosts surrounding us? the talmud tells us that without the ability to forget, man would soon cease to learn. without the ability to forget, man would live in a permanent, paralyzing fear of death. only god and god alone can and must remember everything. which of the following demonstrates one of the metaphors and its meaning in the above excerpt? forgetting = a divine gift forgetting = danger remembering = ability to learn remembering = a divine gift
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What is the direct object in the following sentence? jerry asked him a question. a. question b. jerry c. asked
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What indicates that king is writing his letter to an audience other than his fellow clergymen?...

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