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What does the dog do after the mans death?

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Ineed the answer asap composition or ideas about "the day i ran away" with 500 words
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Read the stanza below from the poem “tattoo” by gregg shapiro and answer the question that follows. if i could trade places with him i would pad the rest of his days wrap him in gauze and velvet absorb the shocks and treat his wounds i would scrub the numbers from his flesh extinguish the fire and give him back his life what does shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above? a) he carries one line of poetry onto the next. b) he paints vivid word pictures that trigger the imagination by appealing to the five senses. c) he directly expresses a metaphor using like, as, or than. d) he uses physical protection to represent emotional protection.
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List some things you like to do with ur close friends and everyday friends(school)
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Which component of a rhetorical argument is missing from the chart above? a. civics (civos) b. ethics (ethos) c. patriotics (patros) d. histrionics (histros)
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What does the dog do after the mans death?...

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