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Why does the mans second fire go out?

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Can some one me with english? modernist poetry broke traditions in works that did all of the following except: question 1 options: a) experimented with language, symbolism, and imagery b) challenged rules about point of view, rhyme scheme, meter, and capitalization c) focused on the poem’s appearance on the page as a form of self-expression d) addressed subjects and ideas that had been explored in poetry for centuries.
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What’s the answer. i need the answer fast
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Returning from vietnam, we were given a parade. crowds of screaming people waving signs — not just on one road, one day. no, they were everywhere. every day. on the streets, on the television, on the radio. a hot, angry tangle of shaking fists and ugly words that threatened us like a monster with a hundred heads. our country had chewed us up and spit us out, and now we were being treated as if it were our fault. which sentence best uses figurative language to match the paragraph's tone? a. our feet were frozen in place as the street itself strained to hold us back. b. i felt unappreciated and condemned for actions i had thought were heroic. c. i hadn't expected to find myself in a rags-to-riches situation such as this. d. we had come home to a feeding frenzy and were being treated as bait.
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The room was gaudy with its leather couch and purple walls
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Why does the mans second fire go out?...

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