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What is the focus of the james joyce passage?

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Read the excerpt from rudolfo anaya’s essay “take the tortillas out of your poetry.” tortillas and poetry. they go hand in hand. books nourish the spirit, bread nourishes our bodies. our distinct cultures nourish each one of us, and as we know more and more about the art and literature of the different cultures, we become freer and freer. . i don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to sample different ethnic foods, the breads of many many groups; just as many of us enjoy sampling books from different areas of the world. i travel to foreign countries, and i know more about myself as i learn more about my fellow human beings. censorship imposes itself in my path of knowledge, and that activity can be justified by no one. which choice best describes the purpose of this text? to persuade readers to oppose the censorship of literature to inform readers about censorship in a specific country to entertain readers with stories about censorship to motivate readers to speak out against censorship mark this and return
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What phrase from the passage are adjectival pharses? check all that apply
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Read the following excerpt from a 1775 speech by patrick henry in which he presents his ideas concerning the american colonists' relationship with great britain: shall we try argument? sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. have we anything new to offer upon the subject? nothing. we have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable; but it has all been in vain. shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? what terms shall we find which have not already been exhausted? which best explains the purpose of the rhetorical device used in this excerpt? apex
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What influenced robert louis stevenson's writingstyle?
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What is the focus of the james joyce passage?...

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