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Locate the complete gerund or infinitive phrase and identify its use. jumping rope was the child's favorite game.

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Ihave to find 4 errors in each day of the week diary post. friday today was the last day of the school week so i are happy! mum made pizza to dinner. i really like mums pizzas. we watched a dvd after dinner. it was quite funny but my brother fall asleep on the sofa and didn’t see the end of the movie!
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The brother of a presidential candidate writes an editorial in which he defends this candidate against charges of corruption. in such a circumstance, it is most appropriate for the reader to a) suspect that the candidate may have been framed. b) consider whether the candidate has the best family or not. c) wonder if the writer may be biased, due to his family connection. d) wonder if the writer may be inaccurate, due to wanting to get people to read his column. \
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Which words from "a day for wandering" best indicate that the speaker is happy to be outside? ring, sing, and string harmonic, confidant, and content sheltered, pause, and abloom brawl, bruit, and iron
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Read and key the following paragraph. 1"the final phase of franklin's public service is themost spectacular. 2after his return to america he waselected to the second continental congress and served withjefferson and john adams on the committee which drafted thedeclaration of independence. 3then, in 1776, he wasappointed one of the three commissioners to seek military andnaval assistance from france. 4for nearly ten years pariswas his center of operations, and, in large part because ofhis personal popularity, he secured the much-needed supportof france and spain and eventually negotiate thetreaty of paris (1783), by which england recognized americanindependence. 5when he returned to america in 1785 he wasold and ill, yet he found strength to serve as a delegate tothe constitutional convention, and to continue his work withmany humanitarian and scientific societies." type the key words for sentence's 2. 3. 4. 5.
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Locate the complete gerund or infinitive phrase and identify its use. jumping rope was the child's f...

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