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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? the aliens suffered from exhaustion, after traveling several light years. they needed some relaxation, when they finally landed their spaceship. after they rested a few days, the aliens revived sufficiently to explore. they needed all their energy, once they started hiking the rough terrain.

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Plagiarism can be avoid by a. copying and planting articles found online b. using language directly from outside resources c. using mla format to cite source d. changing a few words when quoting another writer
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Nurse’s coarse, motherly character provides a foil for romeo, who is young and emotional. mercutio, who is playful and emotional. juliet, who is innocent and youthful. lady capulet, who is sad and neglectful.
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What impact does the use of dashes have on the rhythmic structure of this poem? the dashes create imperfect rhyme that confuses the reader. the dashes create a slow rhythm that is pleasant for the reader. the dashes create a quick rhythm that confuses the reader the dashes create a heightened rhythm that excites the reader
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Read this passage from an analysis essay: allegories do three things. first, they tell a story. allegories also have multiple meanings. finally, allegories offer a moral lesson. which best uses parallelism to revise this passage? a. telling a story, having multiple meanings, and moral lessons: these are the things allegories do. b. allegories, tell a story, multiple meanings, and a moral lesson. c. allegories tell a story, have multiple meanings, and offer a moral lesson. d. allegories tell a story, and have multiple meanings and offer a moral lesson.2b2t
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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? the aliens suffered from exhaustion, after traveling severa...

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