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Oracion en ingles con la palabra keep

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Which theme do all rivers run to the sea and maus share?
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Which best defines a literary stereotype and its purpose in literary? a- a literary stereotype is a term used interchangeably with prejudice.b- a literary stereotypes creates conflict and contrast how a character may seem with who a character really is. c- a literary stereotypes has no purpose in literary in literary expect to reveal prejudice and express the views of an antagonist. d- a literary stereotype is a way for the writer to indicate whether a character is good or evil, a protagonist or an antagonist.
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Abig hazard on road paragrph writing
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Which sentence has an incorrect shift in pronoun-antecedent agreement? a) each teacher needs to be paired up. b) each man needs to carry his own load. c) each of these women runs their own business. d) each child should bring his or her own lunch.
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Oracion en ingles con la palabra keep...
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