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The protagonist of "the most dangerous game" is

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Ineed advice. i have a lot of friends at school but recently my best friend for some reason didn’t like our friend group. she wanted to switch to a new table during lunch. she said she found a new table where we would be welcomed if i wanted to come. i agreed because i knew i would continue to talk to them outside of lunch. after a month or two, my best friend got mad at our new lunch table group. so she left for a day or two, but i stayed because i actually kinda liked it there, even if it was kinda crazy. then she came back to the table. eventually i started to miss my old friends at my old lunch table. so i went over there for one lunch. then after lunch i sat at my new lunch spot before the bell rang. they all called me a traitor. so now i sit with my old lunch group, which is fine because i missed them, but i also miss my new, now old, lunch table. what should i do? p. s. sorry if you loose your last brain cells trying to understand this.
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Read this excerpt from "we shall overcome." hundreds of thousands of people sang them. but sometimes, it was one lone person with a guitar. they sang in segregated bus stations, picket lines, freedom marches, concert stadiums, city squares, and videos. when injustice of oppression threatens, people sing protest songs to proclaim their resistance, publicize their cause, and encourage hope for a better future, based on this excerpt as an introductory paragraph, which of the following would you expect to read about in the article? different groups of people who were oppressed the ways that music brings diverse groups of people together similarities between historical movements that provided rights for groups of people different song styles throughout specific historical events
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Time remaining 59: 46 which central idea should be included in a paraphrase of this excerpt? read the excerpt from the odyssey. out to sea again! ' my men were mutinous, fools, on stores of wine. sheep after sheep they butchered by the surf, and shambling cattle, feasting.-while fugitives went inland, running to call to arms the main force of cicones this was an army, trained to fight on horseback or, where the ground required, on foot. they came with dawn over that terrain like the leaves and blades of spring. so doom appeared to us, dark word of zeus for us, our evil days. the forces sent by cicones to fight odysseus and his men arrived during the early morning hours. odysseus and his men feasted on the animals they slaughtered while on the island of cicones the forces sent by cicones to stop the plundering of odysseus and his men were skilled and powerful odysseus views the forces sent by cicones as punishment from the greek god zeus. mark this and retum save and exit save and exit next sub subunit
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Buck did not cry out. he did not check himself, but drove in upon spitz, shoulder to shoulder, so hard that he missed the throat. they rolled over and over in the powdery snow. spitz gained his feet almost as though he had not been overthrown, slashing buck down the shoulder and leaping clear. twice his teeth clipped together, like the steel jaws of a trap, as he backed away for better footing, with lean and lifting lips that writhed and snarled. read this passage. explain what the conflict shows about buck and spitz.
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