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Our style of communication differs with various people in our lives. Imagine you spoke to your employer or customers the way you talk to your friends. Could the way you communicate (say things) affect how others perceive you? Explain.

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"edna, dear, are you not coming in soon? " he asked again, this time fondly, with a note of entreaty. "no, i am going to stay out here." "this is more than folly," he blurted out. "i can't permit you to stay out there all night. you must come in the house instantly." which best explains how chopin's use of language represents her style?
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Fine fellow, that lebrun," said arobin when robert had gone. "i never heard you speak of him.""i knew him last summer at grand isle," she replied.  what becomes apparent during this conversation? robert and arobin are both aware they are rivals for edna’s affections.arobin is unaware of robert’s role in edna’s life, but robert is aware of arobin’s role.robert is completely unaware of arobin’s romantic intentions and love for edna.robert has much more confidence in himself than arobin does.
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Read the excerpt from “man listening to disc.” to tommy potter for taking the time to join us on this breezy afternoon with his most unwieldy bass and to the esteemed arthur taylor who is somehow managing to navigate this crowd with his cumbersome drums. and i bow deeply to thelonious monk for figuring out a way to motorize—or whatever—his huge piano so he could be with us today. which of the following additional features would best enhance the reader’s understanding of this excerpt? a diagram showing the narrator’s route through the city a visual simulation of the man walking down the street audio samples of music by the specified musicians textbook chapters on the history of jazz musicians
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Choose the sentence that is not logically connected in the paragraph. (1) doctor henderson was a kind and gentle man. (2) his patients loved and respected him. his death made many of them sad. (3) as a young man, he decided to become a doctor and pursue a life of healing and comforting. (4) his work will long be remembered by the citizens of battle creek, michigan.
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Our style of communication differs with various people in our lives. Imagine you spoke to your emplo...
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