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Whats the difference between horizontal and vertical relationships

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What can you infer about gregor from this excerpt? a. he is ungrateful and refuses to eat all of the food that grete brings for him b. his appetite is good, which shows that his body is trying to return to human form c. he always eats trash, and grete is trying to get him to remember being human d. his eating habits are changing, and he is becoming physically less human
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Gandhi is a man of honor, of truth, 1) of passion 2) of one mind 3) of same beliefs 4) of a religion
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Conducting what type of audience analysis would be the easiest way to "get a feel" for a particular audience? direct observation attitudinal analysis inference situational observation
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The words screaming and rushed in the passage suggest which tone in the story the metamorphosis a.) tense b.) positive c.) fun d.) formal
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Whats the difference between horizontal and vertical relationships...

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