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List an example of alliteration used in the poem oranges

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In the sentence above, which verb is the irregular verb? a. laid b. warmed c. removed d. walked
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Nthe final analysis, the government has not done enough to protect the endangered species of the rain forest. in the passage above, the transition in the final analysis is used to
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Read the presentation assignment. the intended audience for this presentation is a group of research four in-state colleges. learn about each school including its location and population. then gather information about the courses of study offered at each school. you should also collect other interesting facts, such as school colors, mascots, and athletic offerings. you will present a speech to your classmates that explains your findings, and we will save the results. this information will be of great value in the next few years. college professors. college students high school teachers. high school students.
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Which of these events inspired many of stephen crane’s writings, including the story “an episode of war”?
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List an example of alliteration used in the poem oranges...

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