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What theme is featured in machiavelli’s the prince?

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Choose the correct type of literary text for the statement. if both types apply, be sure to choose the answer that includes both types. use(s) imagery? 1: poetry 2: poetry and prose 3: prose
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What happened after gandhi’s quit india speech?
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Constructing an argument: in modern american society, the legalization of marijuana continues to be controversial and hotly debated. some people find it contradictory that certain "drugs"—such as tobacco and alcohol—are legalized even though they pose proven health risks, while marijuana, which has many medicinal applications, continues to be illegal by the federal government. what reasons do you think the federal government gives for outlawing marijuana, and do the reasons support the conclusion?
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Question: now that you have identified a central idea and motif, explain how the recurring idea supports the central idea. use details from the text to support your explanation. the central idea revealed by the motif of flattery in this passage is that self-serving individuals cannot be trusted. the conspirators said one thing while behaving in a very different manner. in his speech, antony describes how the conspirators fawned over caesar, "kissing caesar’s feet.” this flattery was a cover for their true intentions. they revealed "vile daggers” and stabbed caesar, killing him. by pointing out the conspirators’ use of flattery, antony calls them hypocrites who used false words to further their ambitions.
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What theme is featured in machiavelli’s the prince?...

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