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If esperanza were immigrating to untied states today would it be different from the book esperanza rising book

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Ineed all these answers from book farenheit 451
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Review questions what were the four stated goals of operation reinhard and how were these implemented? how did treblinka, sobibor, and belzec differ from other concentration camps built earlier? how did the nazi party maintain secrecy regarding the final solution? why was the madagascar plan not used? why were some individuals, including wwi veterans, to be spared the final solution?
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Read the passage from sugar changed the world. but there is another story as well. information about sugar spread as human knowledge expanded, as great civilizations and cultures exchanged ideas. in fact, while sugar was the direct cause of the expansion of slavery, the global connections that sugar brought about also fostered the most powerful ideas of human freedom. how do the details in this passage support the authors’ purpose? the details about the expansion of sugar inform readers about how widespread the use of sugar was. the details about human knowledge inform readers about how humans learned about sugar. the details about ideas and global connections persuade readers that sugar’s story has multiple consequences. the details about the spread of information about sugar entertain readers with stories of travel.
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What is the direct object in the following sentence? jerry asked him a question. a. question b. jerry c. asked
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If esperanza were immigrating to untied states today would it be different from the book esperanza r...

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