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Wordplay that is meant to be witty or humorous is a(n)

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Which of the following statements most closely reflects the author's description of the action taken by the united states supreme court in cases brought before them having to do with the japanese internment? a. "three years almost to the day, the supreme court decided that imprisoning japanese-americans was unconstitutional. " b. "the supreme court decided in favor of the japanese-americans in the very first case brought before them." c. "fred korematsu had plastic surgery and changed his name to avoid internment, making it the deciding case in the issue." d. "in april 1942 mitsue endo lost his habeus corpus case, thus postponing the supreme court's negative decision."
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Which sentence should be revised to include vivid imagery
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Read the following claim. people likely will continue making new year's resolutions despite often being unable to follow through on them. which selection from the article provides the best support for this statement?
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The speaker in the “to a mouse” regrets that the mouse runs away so fast because the
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Wordplay that is meant to be witty or humorous is a(n)...
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