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auden's "musee des beaux arts" uses icarus's drowning as an example of which element of human nature?

a. triumph

b. suffering

c. happiness

d. boredom

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Read the excerpt from act 3, scene 1, of julius caesar. servant. thus, brutus, did my master bid me kneel. thus did mark antony bid me fall down, and, being prostrate, thus he bade me say. "brutus is noble, wise, valiant, and honest. caesar was mighty, bold, royal, and loving. say i love brutus, and i honour him. say i feared caesar, honoured him, and loved him. if brutus will vouchsafe that antony may safely come to him and be resolved how caesar hath deserved to lie in death, mark antony shall not love caesar dead so well as brutus living, but will follow the fortunes and affairs of noble brutus thorough the hazards of this untrod state with all true faith.” so says my master antony
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What does tolstoy set up gerasim to be foil to praskoyva fedornovna
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Look up the information for as many of these sources aspossible and write the works cited entry for each one. (you may make up dates and editions where necessary for the purposes of this exercise.)1. mark twain’s  the mysterious stranger2. a dictionary entry for the word  castigation  from  merriam-webster  (any edition)3. an article in  cosmopolitan  magazine by jennifer grant called “all you need to know”4. an encyclopedia entry for the name “geraldine ferraro” from  world book encyclopedia5. a website article titled “welcome to oz” with no listed author or publisher and no corporate affiliation
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How does douglass contrast his childhood on colonel lloyd’s plantation with this arrival on baltimore at the auld’s?
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auden's "musee des beaux arts" uses icarus's drowning as an example of...

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