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Read the excerpt from a history of women’s suffrage by stanton, anthony, and gage. the broader demand for political rights has not commanded the thought its merits and dignity should have secured. while complaining of many wrongs and oppressions, women themselves did not see that the political disability of sex was the cause of all their special grievances, and that to secure equality anywhere, it must be recognized everywhere. like all disfranchised classes, they begun by asking to have certain wrongs redressed, and not by asserting their own right to make laws for themselves. which statement paraphrases the authors’ argument? women should try to speak up in public. women’s personal dignity is not respected. women have many complaints that they want to voice. women’s lack of political rights is the root of their troubles.

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Read the excerpt from a history of women’s suffrage by stanton, anthony, and gage. the broader deman...

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