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Is the manatee the ugliest sea creature

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Which of the following words in bold means “to put before something else”? a) the broken device sat unused in a box. b) jose wanted to defermaking a decision about college until the spring. c) ashok’s counsel was to go to the store tomorrow. d) i would prefer to go to a movie this weekend instead of the play.
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Describe the term romanticism. how is it evident in the poems of the era? be sure to include information related to poems from at least two authors. support your response with evidence related to form, sound, structure, and other poetic elements.
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Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, or a run-on sentence? jan went on a quiz show, won two hundred dollars, and bought gifts for her family. a. run-on sentence b. compound sentence c. simple sentence
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Write an explanation for how to perform some kind of physical activity, such as riding a bike or playing a sport. the explanation should be geared toward someone who has never performed the activity. be sure to explain the steps in the process clearly, organize your ideas appropriately, use text features
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Is the manatee the ugliest sea creature...

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