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All nationalities have special foods. burritos and tacos are two popular mexican foods. ravioli and lasagna are famous italian dishes. choose any two international food favorites, and compare the ingredients used, appearance, and taste.

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Read the excerpt from dominique’s personal narrative. tired of waiting for the bus, which was late for the fifth day in a row, i sat leafing through an old magazine i had stuffed in my purse the previous night. it was terribly warm for a september afternoon, and the sun cast fleeting shadows on the bus stop sign with each car that passed. i wondered when the weather would get cooler and when the new bus driver would start arriving on time. it was about then that i first noticed the apparent agitation of the man sitting next to me. finally, the bus arrived and ambled to a gradual stop directly in front of the restless man. the doors widened, and the bus driver greeted the man with his usual banter in his usual monotone. "good afternoon. how are you today? ” when writing the next few lines of dialogue, dominique should be certain that the lines provide clues about what will happen later on in the narrative. contain made-up details that make the story more exciting. include everyday language that seems real and natural. use precise words that make both men sound educated.
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An example of diction in the book “the things the carried”
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What point of view is expressed by judith sargent murray in her essay "on the equality of the sexes"?
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Dogs make wonderful pets because they keep us happy and healthy, the topic sentence is "dogs make wonderful pets". can someone me write a unrelated sentences to the topic and can be eliminated. need asap
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All nationalities have special foods. burritos and tacos are two popular mexican foods. ravioli and...

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