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Explain the difference between climate and weather.

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Which features do all new rocks formed near oceanic ridge share? pillow shaped stripes pattern provide evidence to seafloor spreading made from molten material iron oriented in same direction
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[fw.02]diana is studying four surface features of florida. she classifies the surface features and places them in different columns of a chart as shown below. surface features column 1 column 2 hot springs sinkholes caverns geysers which of these titles best represents column 1 of diana's chart? formed by freezing groundwater o formed by heating groundwater o formed by evaporation of groundwater o formed by chemical action of groundwater
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Acivilization exists for several hundred yeaars, developing its own language. such a civilization probably has been: a. farming corn b. suffering from a lack of contact with the outside world. c. isolated by mountains or some other physical barriers. d. starving from lack of trade.
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What are some of the impacts of humans on the earth?
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Explain the difference between climate and weather....
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