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How can i get better grades in 9th grade? ?

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Which statement explains what upwelling causes? a. upwelling causes tides to rise and fall. b. upwelling causes changes in the direction of currents. c. upwelling causes nutrients, minerals, and tiny organisms to rise. d. upwelling causes currents in the pacific ocean to change direction. i think the answer is c.
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On nights when we see the new moon phase, what side of the moon are we seeing?
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Which part of a mountain receives the majority of moisture due to the rain shadow effect? a. the leeward side b. the windward side c. the bottom of the mountain d. all parts of the mountain receive equal amounts of moisture.
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Find the volume of 3, 8 and one third and 10 and 2 over 5
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How can i get better grades in 9th grade? ?...
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