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How many continents are their in the world

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Will someone earth science water cycle: will someone tell me how the water cycle works, but in a story? ? pretend you are a drop of water somewhere. (like; "once i was floating around in a cloud" or, "once i was lying in a puddle in the middle of a parking lot.) and tell your life story! and use the words "evaporation" "condensation" "accumulation" "transpiration" "precipitation" and "runoff" tell the story like your the drop of water telling your life story. include all the parts of the water cycle including those vocabulary words above. and !
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Compounds which are found naturally in the earth are called: a. ores b. composites c. rocks d.minerals
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The ratio of the measures of the three angles in a triangle is 14: 15: 11 find the measures of the angles
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Which example gives the relative location of a place? 50 main street 33 degrees n latitude, 91degrees w longitude east of the library 1600 pennsylvania ave., washington, d.c.
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