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Pretend human eye color is determined by a single gene, with brown eyes (b) being dominant over blue (b). a brown-eyed man marries a blue-eyed woman, and they have three children. two of the children are brown-eyed, and one is blue-eyed. what is the probability their fourth child will have the genotype bb? (2 points)
a. 100%
b. 75%
c. 50%
d. 25%

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Which can be an effective way to reduce stress? a) getting in the habit of doing things perfectly the first time b) engaging in a fun physical activity on a regular basis c)taking an antacid for a stress-based stomachache d)studying extra hard the night before a test
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A74-year-old woman, who has been followed for the past 25 years for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease comes to the ed complaining of 48 hours of temperature to 38.6 c and worsening shortness of breath. she has a chronic productive cough, which has become more copious. on physical examination, she has rhonchi and increased fremitus in the posterior mid-lung field. a gram's stain reveals many epithelial cells and multiple gram-positive and gram-negative organisms; no neutrophils are seen. which of the following is the most likely organism causing the symptoms? - escherichia coli- haemophilus influenzae- klebsiella pneumoniae- mycobacterium tuberculosis- mycoplasma pneumoniae
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You're in the breakroom at work when you see a coworker posting a cartoon on the bulletin board. you read it as you pass, and it's a joke about women breastfeeding in public. a male walks up, looks at it and starts laughing. other make employees walk up, and one takes it down saying he is going to make copies for everyone. what do you do? ​
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Select the correct answer. gina's father has diabetes and takes insulin. he recently had a liver transplant, after which he was put on anti-rejection medicines. this has made his insulin less effective. which term best characterizes gina's father's situation? a. drug synergism b. drug antagonism c. drug misuse
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Pretend human eye color is determined by a single gene, with brown eyes (b) being dominant over blue...

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