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Foods that contain mainly fat and/or sugar and have little or no nutritional value, such as ice cream and soda, are said to consist of
a. empty calories.
b. nutrient-dense calories.
c. soluble calories.
d. non-nutritive calories.

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If you were working for a pharmaceutical company as part of a drug discovery team, which of these enzyme inhibitors would you suggest as a productive avenue for drug development? a) a drug to treat high blood pressure that reversibly inhibits an enzyme catalyzing production of a chemical that causes blood vessels to contract b) a drug to treat diabetes that irreversibly inhibits an enzyme in the metabolic pathway to synthesize glucose c) a compound that acts as a competitive inhibitor for a digestive enzyme produced only in the presence of certain foods d) a compound that inhibits enzymes by significantly changing the ph throughout the body
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Sensory adaptation of cutaneous temperature receptors some types of sensory receptors, like pain receptors, will continue to transduce pain until the stimulus is removed. other sensory receptors may respond with an initial burst in production of action potentials, but will “adapt” and over time action potentials will cease. sensory adaptation occurs, for example, with olfactory receptors for smell. procedure have the subject place one hand in an ice bath while simultaneously placing the other hand in a warm water bath (@40oc). the subject should keep their hands in the designated baths for two minutes. after two minutes, remove both hands and place both hands in a room temperature water bath. record your observations review questions 1. describe how each hand felt after taking them out of the designated water baths and placing them into the room temperature water bath. 2. define sensory adaptation and relate it to what happened to the temperature receptors in the subject’s hands. 3. list and describe sensory receptors that adapt, and sensory receptors that do not.
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Foods that contain mainly fat and/or sugar and have little or no nutritional value, such as ice crea...

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