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Advances science 20th century

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In multiple sclerosis, the immune system destroys the substance that coats and protects nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. this causes inflammation and injury to the nerves, and the axons don't conduct impulses as well.
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Aperson who doesn't have enough calcium in his or her diet is at risk for developing bones that are weak and break easily. this condition is known as  a.  osteoporosis.    b.  crohn's disease.    c.  celiac disease.    d.  hemophilia.​
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You isolate an infectious substance capable of causing disease in plants, but you do not know whether the infectious agent is a bacterium, virus, viroid, or prion. you have four methods at your disposal to analyze the substance and determine the nature of the infectious agent.i. treat the substance with enzymes that destroy all nucleic acids and then determine whether the substance is still infectious.ii. microscope.iii. culture the substance on nutritive medium, away from any plant cells.iv. treat the sample with proteases that digest all proteins and then determining whether the substance is still infectious.if you already know that the infectious agent was either bacterial or viral, which method(s) listed above would allow you to distinguish between these two possibilities? a) ib) iic) ii or iiid) iv
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In one paragraph, explain how technology has influenced the perception of body image and weight management in both negative and positive ways. use supporting details in the form of facts, statistics, and examples. in another paragraph, describe an individual healthy weight-management plan. the plan should include specific details about goals, diet, exercise, and evaluative monitoring.
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