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If the average cost of raising a child is $16,900 per year, and the cost of living is $28,500 without a child, which levels of education would provide the income to comfortably raise a child? Check all that apply. associate’s degree
high school diploma
doctoral degree
bachelor’s degree
some college

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Which example is a indication of stress a. becoming more alert b. narrowing air passages c. slowing down if the heartbeat d. decreasing blood sugar with adrenaline
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Explain what causes the skin to burn in the sun? explain why people should avoid the sun if taking a photosensitive medication?
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Which of the following is not a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome a) pain in joints with swelling b) low-grade fever c) unexplainable muscle weakness or pain d) forgetfulness, irritability, and confusion
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Which of the following leukocyte is not correctly matched with its function? -basophils: inflammation -lymphocytes: immune response against viral infections -monocytes: develop into macrophage -neutrophils: produce antibodies
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