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What is a communist government? could someone explain how it operates in the simplest way possible?
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Which answer choice best explains two central ideas of the pro side? a what's most important are the aleutian islands. another nice thing is that that treaty is simple. b if the u. s. buys alaska, england will not attack. it is good that senators have learned more about the treaty. c alaska's great resources will provide money for the u. s. the deal also includes the aleutian islands which are good for trade and the military. d it's good that the treaty with alaska does not force the u. s. to enter into an alliance with russia or the british. if it did, the treaty would be a bad idea.
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How were japan's actions before and during world war 2 compare with germany's actions over the same period
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President clinton, on the fortieth anniversary of the events in arkansas surrounding the "little rock nine," stated that "when the constitutional rights of our citizens are threatened, the national government must guarantee them." this principle was the basis for using federal authority in: the expansion of voting rights to women. the passage of the civil rights act of 1964. the passage of the americans with disabilities act. all of the choices.
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The primary goal of the abolitionist movement was to a) immediately emancipate or free all enslaved people. b) allow the gradual release of enslaved people. c) end the importation of enslaved people from africa. d) make mandatory the education of all enslaved people.
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What is a communist government? could someone explain how it operates in the simplest way possible?...

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