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Movies and tv shows where a detective is trying to solve a crime or other mystery are popular. in many ways, a historian’s work is like that of a detective. historians carefully try to put together the pieces of history by looking at primary and secondary sources. this is similar to the way detectives look at evidence when trying to solve a case. in this assessment, you will have an opportunity to work like a true historian. you will study evidence and develop a logical conclusion based on sources presented to you.

in this assessment, you will respond to three reflection questions. these questions test your ability to analyze primary and secondary sources. in addition to analyzing the sources, you will also use information you have learned in this module to support your responses.

you will first be expected to analyze six documents that deal with the medieval period in europe and japan. these documents are primary or secondary sources related to the period 500–1500 ce. then you will choose two of these documents to support each response.

you will be voted the brainiest! i will send u docs if needed

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Movies and tv shows where a detective is trying to solve a crime or other mystery are popular. in ma...

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