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Who were the nazi major ? political opponents

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Read the excerpt and answer the question sunday 14 october, west indies as soon as it dawned i ordered the ship's boat and the launches of the caravels made ready and went north-northeast along the island in order to see what there was in the other part, which was the eastern part. and also to see the villages, and i soon saw two or three, as well as people, who all came to the beach calling to us and giving to god. some of them brought us water; others, other things to eat; others, when they saw that i did not care to go ashore, threw themselves into the sea swimming and came to us, and we understood that they were asking us if we had come from the heavens. and one old man got into the ship's boat, and others in loud voices called to all the men and women: come see the men who came from the heavens. bring them something to eat and drink. many men came, and many women, each one with something, giving to god, throwing themselves on the ground; and they raised their hands to heaven, and afterward they called to us in loud voices to come ashore. (christopher columbus) which of the choices below best describes columbus' initial interaction with the taino people? question 6 options: he was initially apprehensive (hesitant) to meet with them, but allowed the natives to approach him, seeing that they were so joyous to meet the explorers, thinking they were gods. he sailed immediately into the heart of their village where he set about finding their leader so that he could challenge them to single combat. while he was hesitant to meet the natives as he did not know their motives, he told his men to keep distance and fire upon any native who approached too closely. he met them with great suspicion and refused to interact with them or allow his men to meet them until he had the chance to properly arm his sailors.
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What number was abraham lincoln president
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Brainliesttt me : ) what are trading blocs and what is the impact of international cooperation?
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Who were the nazi major ? political opponents...

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