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What was the most important factor in the early formation of villages and cities? a. nice weatherc. ability to hunt b. ability to grow foodd. good trade location

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What was the difference between marx view of communism and the actual implementation in russia? a. there was no difference between the marxist communism and russian communism. c. marxist view was not interested in the government controlling business while in russia, everything was controlled by the government b. marxist view was focused more on economic control while russia focused on taking complete controlled of everything. d. marxist view believed that the government controlled everything without questions while russia moved more towards a mixed economy.
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Is karma the same as destiny, in the sense that everything that happens to you is predetermined? do you believe that "what goes around comes around," and if so is this the same as karma? does everyone get what they deserve, in the end?
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Which french colony used the french revolution as inspiration to gain its own independence? a. brazil b. nicaragua c. haiti d. honduras e. ecuador
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4. argument take the perspective of a foreign soldier volunteering to serve in the united states in the fight against the british. write a letter to family back home explaining why you have decided to risk your life in this cause. me
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What was the most important factor in the early formation of villages and cities? a. nice weatherc....
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