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How did the constitutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of slavery?

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Timeline: (fill in the blank) 1566- a __ settlement is established at santa elena. 1586- sir walter raleigh establishes __ the second attempt at an english colony in the new world. 1663- __ grants the region of carolina to the true and absolute lords proprietors of carolina. 1669- the __ of __ is written by john locke. 1670- the first permanent english settlement is made at __ or charles town. 1690s- some time in the 1690s __ is introduced to southern carolina and becomes a major cash crop. 1700- around 11,000 colonists now call __ carolina home. 1700- around 6,000 colonists now call __ carolina home. 1712- thelords proprietors commission a separate governor for __ carolina, even though the territories are still under one charter. 1715-the __ wars, marked by two years of hostilities between native americans and carolinians last from 1715-1717. 1719-the colonists of southern carolina overthrow the __ for both regions 1729- after the carolinas have become a crown colony. __ formally creates a south carolina and north carolina.
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1) this was the intellectual, philosophical, and artistic movement that began in italy in the 14th century.
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For your research paper on the history of maui, you locate a source covering the overall history of the hawaiian islands. as you evaluate the source, however, you decide not to use it in your research because it never mentions maui. this significant omission of information falls under what criterion for evaluating resources?
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What states were considered a part of the antebellum south?
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How did the constitutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of slavery?...

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