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1. which of the following would most likely occur under the u. s. patriot act? (1 point)
the government intensifies new citizenship requirements.
the government conducts internet and telephone surveillance.
the government trains civilians in counterterrorism strategies.
the government deploys more troops to the middle east.
2. which of the following is part of the “pivot to asia” strategy?
(1 point)
limiting trade
organizing protests
forming partnerships
ending piracy
3. which factor best shows why the demand for dot­com stocks created an unstable economic situation?
(1 point)
low inflation led investors to buy more shares than necessary.
the demand for subprime mortgages increased at the same time.
investors drove prices higher than the worth of the stock.
large companies like google controlled too much market share.
4. which example best shows how congressional republicans wanted to reduce government spending?
(1 point)
refusing to vote for any federal tax increases
refusing to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling
demanding remaining troops in afghanistan be brought home
demanding fannie mae lower interest rates on loans
5. what was the purpose of the kepler mission?
(1 point)
to search the milky way galaxy for new planets
to study our solar system for signs of life
to investigate how mars was formed
to examine samples of martian soil for life
6. which factor best explains the rise in greenhouse gases that has contributed to climate change?
(1 point)
the development of biotechnology
the chemicals found in devices like smartphones
the increased use of pesticides on crops
the burning of fossil fuels
7. which of the following best shows the impact of biotechnology?
(1 point)
reducing the spread of disease
mapping the human genome
developing social network websites
developing clean energy sources
8. how can 3d imaging best be used to make medical advances? (1 point)
3d images can show which medicine is best to treat a disease.
3d images can transmit nerve signals throughout the body.
3d images can create implants to use in bodies.
3d images can show workings of the body in greater detail.
9. which of these positions swayed many voters to support senator barack obama’s presidential campaign?
(1 point)
his calls for change and his promise to end the war in iraq
his experience in solving problems in the economy
his support of the wars in iraq and afghanistan
his tough stance on illegal immigration

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1. which of the following would most likely occur under the u. s. patriot act? (1 point)
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