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The 14th amendment weakened the power of the states. it gave the federal government the power to protect individual rights.



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Lucifer with lucifer, although an angel he and not a man, i purpose to begin. for notwithstanding angels cannot be the sport of fortune, yet he fell though sin down into hell, and he is yet therein, o lucifer, brightest of angels all. now thou art satan, and canst never win out of my miseries; how great they fall! adam consider adam, made by god's own fingerm and not begotten of man's unclean seed, he that in eden was allowed to linger - now call damascus- and had power at need over all paradise, save that decreed and single tree prohibited. than he none ever on earth stood higher, till his deed drove him to labour, hell and misery describe a theme that the author develops through these two excerpts. then analyze how the two excerpts interact and build on one another to develop this theme. be sure to use specific details from the text to support your ideas
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Which is likely the most serious problem associated with an epidemic? 1. there are sometimes no cures to the diseases that spread. 2. people often die from the diseases that spread. 3. there are usually no ways to prevent people from getting ill. 4. people often don’t know they have a disease.
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The 14th amendment weakened the power of the states. it gave the federal government the power to pro...

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