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Approximately how many english ships did the french navy capture or destroy

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What factors contributed to the united states becoming a world leader? 0 a. the united states winning the war and having a strong economy 0 o b. the allies winning the war and us having a skilled labor force 0 o c. the united states winning the war and german scientists sharing their knowledge od. the united states suffering no war damage and having a strong economy
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Match the following: 1. empirical the belief that an idea should be evaluated based on how it works 2. fundamentalism knowledge based on observation and experiment rather than theory 3. obtrusive to intentionally force ideas or intrude on others 4. pragmatism not religious or spiritual in nature 5. secular a religious doctrine that emphasizes a return to rigid principles
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The tables shows information about two citied what can you infer about the temperature of these cities
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What was one major difference between benito mussolini and adolph hitler? o a. hitler was more willing to use violence to secure power than mussolini. o b. hitler made racism central to his political ideology earlier than mussolini. o c. hitler was more supportive of communism and socialism than mussolini. o d. hitler followed the philosophy of militarism more strictly than mussolini.
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Approximately how many english ships did the french navy capture or destroy...

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