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Who did joan of arc wish to crown as king of france at rheims

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What was the difference between marx view of communism and the actual implementation in russia? a. there was no difference between the marxist communism and russian communism. c. marxist view was not interested in the government controlling business while in russia, everything was controlled by the government b. marxist view was focused more on economic control while russia focused on taking complete controlled of everything. d. marxist view believed that the government controlled everything without questions while russia moved more towards a mixed economy.
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Me < 3 there are multiple ‘3rd party’ political parties in the us. what are the benefits of having 3rd parties? what are the disadvantages of being a member of one? would the u. s. benefit if there were more 3rd parties created, more support for the current ones, or would it be best to get rid of them altogether? why?
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Before the civil war, the south’s economy was based on enslaved labor. large cities. immigrant workers. factories.
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Which nonverbal cue most likely indicates that a person is open to a conversation? lack of eye contact crossed arms smiling mouth o monotone voice
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Who did joan of arc wish to crown as king of france at rheims...

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