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1. which medieval art forms served educational and decorative purposes? (select all that apply) (2 points)

a. flying buttresses

b. gargoyles

c. gothic cathedrals

d. sculpted portraits

e. stained glass windows

f. tapestries

2. how did epic poems reflect the cultures of medieval europe? (1 point)

a. they reflected the european ideal that the group was more important than the individual.

b. they reflected the belief in power of compromise and negotiation.

c. they reflected the view that the common people were as important as the nobility.

d. they reflected themes of loyalty and heroism that were prized in europe.

3. medieval illuminated manuscripts provide insight into which of the following? (select all that apply) (2 points)

a. daily medieval life

b. mathematicals advancements

c. religious devotion

d. scientific innovation

e. taxation records

4. which of the following purposes did early medieval universities serve? (select all that apply) (1 point)

a. educated the masses

b. prepared clergy

c. promoted debate over church doctrine

d. trained meant to serve in bureaucracies

5. how did the hundred years war affect the medieval of feudalism in which vassals owed military service to the king? (1 point)

a. the vassal system became more important in winning battles and holding conquered territory for the king.

b. the introduction of the longbow and cannon made the vassal system more efficient.

c. the need for a larger, standing army with greater mobility made the vassal system obsolete.

d. the vassals became commanders of mercenary armies paid by the king to fight.

6. which of the following became a significant threat to church power as a result of the great western schism? (1 point)

a. reformers began to challenge the traditional role of the church.

b. the political factions backing different popes began to exert more influence over church activities.

c. the moral authority of the church weakened.

d. the bible was translated into english

7. which describes a way in which russia's geography influenced the development of it civilization? (1 point)

a. west-flowing rivers connected it economically and culturally to western europe.

b. the ural mountains and the eurasian plain kept russia culturally and economically isolated.

c. south-flowing rivers

d. its southern steppe region

8. how did byzantine christianity influence russian orthodox christianity? ()

a. it set the patterns for good relations with muslim empires.

b. it set the pattern for a church hierarchy led by the pope.

c. it set the pattern for the development of an absolute ruler.

d. it set the pattern for close church and state.

9.which of the following was one way ivan lll and ivan iv strengthened their authoritarian rule? (1 point)

a. they allied themselves with the mongols

b. they encouraged peasants to present grievances

c. they increased trade with western europe

d. they limited the power of the boyars

10. which of the following was one way the histories of medieval poland and hungary were similar? (1 point)

a. both became the ancestors of the serbs

b. in both, political power shifted from the nobles to the monarch

c. both had been powerful eastern orthodox kingdoms

d. both had been powerful roman catholic kingdoms

11.which statement best summarizes the effects of mongol rule on russia? (1 point)

a. the absolute power of the mongols later influenced later russian

b. the mongols were lenient and tolerant

c. the mongols were lenient and tolerant rulers, but they isolated

d. the mongols spread islam throughout

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