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How many sails did the mayflower have

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What happened after tunstall was murdered? how did billy the kid react to theviolence?
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How did the theory of social darwinism impact immigrants? it inspired in the immigrants pride that they were able to survive the harsh conditions of their home countries to come to the united states. it demonstrated that immigrants were the most suitable candidates for factory work because they were the most likely to immigrate to rural areas. it encouraged assimilation of immigrants into the american culture through education that involved courses in english and american food and clothing. it provided new american immigrants with a clearly defined social support system to ensure that basic nutritional, educational, employment, and health care needs were met.
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The strait of magellan connects the atlantic ocean with the a amazon river b. gulf of mexico c. pacific ocean d. caribbean sea select the best answer from the choices provided о а b oo оо
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Keep these two main factors in mind when selecting type for your business communicationsthe audience influences type choice. there are good types and bad types. type should be easily read. when your message is important type selection doesn't matter​
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How many sails did the mayflower have...

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