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Sam paid $20 for two t-shirts. the price for each t-shirt was a multiple of 5. what are the possible prices of the t-shirts?

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Will give immeadeate efficiient homemakers ltd. makes canvas wallets and leather wallets as part of a money-making project. for the canvas wallets they need 2 yards of canvas and 2 yards of leather .for the leather wallets they need 4 yards of leather and 3 yards of canvas. their production unit has purchased 44 yards of leather and 40 yards of canvas. let x be the number of leather wallets and y be the number of canvas wallets list the cooridinates of the vertices of he feasible region to represent the number of the leather and canvas wallets that can be produced .
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Identify the polynomial. a2b - cd3 a. monomial b. binomial c. trinomial d. four-term polynomial e. five-term polynomial
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Which of the following could be the ratio of the length of the longer leg 30-60-90 triangle to the length of its hypotenuse? check all that apply. a. 313 6 b. 3: 215 c. 18: 13 d. 1: 13 e. 13: 2 of. 3: 15
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When solving this problem: 3025/5.5 = a/90.75 you get 49912.5 which would be the length of one of the sides of a square when the area is only 90.75 inches. is that answer correct, why, and how is it possible?
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Sam paid $20 for two t-shirts. the price for each t-shirt was a multiple of 5. what are the possible...

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