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Which expressions are equivalent to -2(2h+10)+4h ? a.−20−4h+4h b.−20

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Answer soon(fast) 15 pts-brainliest? for right answer with small explination a restaurant catered a party for 40 people. a child’s dinner (c) cost $11 and an adult’s dinner (a) cost $20. the total cost of the dinner was $728. how many children and adults were at the party? use the table to guess and check.(i couldn't get the graph onto the question)                                8 children and 32 adults9 children and 31 adults10 children and 30 adults12 children and 28 adults
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Find the greatest common factor of -30x 4 yz 3 and 75x 4 z 2.
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Which of the following best describes the graph below? + + 2 + 3 + 4 1 o a. it is not a function. o b. it is a one-to-one function. o c. it is a many-to-one function. o d. it is a function, but it is not one-to-one.
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The equation of line wx is y=2x-5. write an equation of a line perpendicular to line wx in slopeintercept form the contains points (-1,-2)
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Which expressions are equivalent to -2(2h+10)+4h ? a.−20−4h+4h b.−20...
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