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Need fast! need the value of x and show the work!

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The table shows how an elevator 500 feet above the ground is descending at a steady rate. which equation represents the height, h(t), of the elevator in feet, as a function of t, the number of seconds during which it has been descending? height in feet time in seconds (t) 0 5 h(t) 500 475 450 425 oh(t) = 5t + 500 oh(t) = 5t - 500 oh(t) = -5t + 500 oh(t) = -5t - 500 10 15
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The length of a field is 100 yards and its width is 75 yards. if 1 inch represents 25 yards, what would be the dimensions of the field drawn on a sheet of paper?
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Amountain climber starts a climb at an elevation of 453 feet above sea level at his first rest stop he has climbed 162 feet and by his second rest stop he has climbed another 207 feet its getting late in the day so the climber starts his way down if the climber desends 285 feet how much does he need to ascend or descend to return to the original starting point
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Me with this assignment ! i only partially understand, so explain. also it's a work sample. at the championship bike race, steve and paula were fighting for first place. steve was 175 feet ahead of paula and had only 300 feet left to go. he was very tired and was going only 9 feet per second. paula was desperate to catch up and was going 15 feet per second. who won the bike race and by how far did she/he win?
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