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Afurniture manufacturer sells three types of products: chairs, tables, and beds. chairs constitute 35% of the company's sales, tables constitute 55% of the sales, and beds constitute the rest. of the company's chairs, 5% are defective and have to be returned to the shop for minor repairs, whereas the percentage of such defective items for tables and beds are 12% and 8% respectively. determine the proportion of the company's products that are not defective. round your result to 2 significant places after the decimal (for example, 0.86732 should be entered as 0.87).

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Which of the expressions (on the photo document i inserted) together represent all solutions to the following equation? 8cos(12x)+4=-4 *the answer should be in degrees.* > i would like for someone to explain the process to find the solutions for this.
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Consider circle o, where and . m∠bpd °. °.
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Which expression is a factor of 12x2 + 29x – 8? x – 8 2x – 1 3x + 8 4x + 1
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The graph below shows the line of best fit for data collected on the number of cell phones and cell phone cases sold at a local electronics store on twelve different days. number of cell phone cases sold 50 * 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 number of cell phones sold which of the following is the equation for the line of best fit? a. y = 0.8x b. y = 0.2x c. y=0.5x d. y = 0.25x
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Afurniture manufacturer sells three types of products: chairs, tables, and beds. chairs constitute...
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