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Evaluate -x + ay when x = -4/5 and y = 1/3. write your answer as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form

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Pls if a cow has a mass of 9×10^2 kilograms, and a blue whale has a mass of 1.8×10^5 kilograms, which of these statements is true?
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Eliza wants to make $10,000 from her investments. she finds an investment account that earns 4.5% interest. she decides to deposit $2,500 into an account. how much money will be in her account after 14 years?
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Graph the system of inequalities presented here on your own paper, then use your graph to answer the following questions: y < 4x − 8 y is greater than or equal to negative 5 over 2 times x plus 5 part a: describe the graph of the system, including shading and the types of lines graphed. provide a description of the solution area. (6 points) part b: is the point (5, −8) included in the solution area for the system? justify your answer mathematically. (4 points)
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Sasha delivers newspapers to subscribers that live within a 4 block radius of her house. sasha's house is located at point (0, -1). points a, b, c, d, and e represent the houses of some of the subscribers to the newspaper. to which houses does sasha deliver newspapers?
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Evaluate -x + ay when x = -4/5 and y = 1/3. write your answer as a fraction or mixed number in simpl...

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