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How do i write these ratios 10/20 and 2/2 in y=kx form

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Roger and natalie travel in similar cars. roger's car drives the two miles to school in 7.5 minutes. natalie drives the same distance in the opposite direction but in only 6.5 minutes. what is true of their velocities?
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On average, how many more hits will he get when he bats 100 times at home during the day as opposed to 100 times away at night?
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If x^2- y^2=7, x= 12/y and y< 0, what is the value of x^4+ y^4
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Asales representative from a local radio station is trying to convince the owner of a small fitness club to advertise on her station. the representative says that if the owner begins advertising on the station today, the club's total number of members will grow exponentially each month. she uses the given expression to model the number of club members, in hundreds, after advertising for t months.
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How do i write these ratios 10/20 and 2/2 in y=kx form...
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