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Calculate the side lengths a and b to two decimal places.

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Select all the correct answers. natalie buys a new car. in the first month, the odometer on the car records 800 miles. from past experience, she expects to drive 900 miles per monthselect all the functions that can be used to find the number of miles, f(n), recorded on the odometer after n months. of(n) = 800n + 100f(n) = 9001 - 100f(n) = 900n + 800(1) = 800; }(n) = f(n - 1) + 900, for n > 2f(1) = 800; 1(n) = f(n − 1) + 100, for n > 2(1) = 900; }(n) = f(n - 1) + 800, for n > 2​
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Is trapezoid abdc the result of a dilation of trapezoid mnpq by a scale factor of ? why or why not? yes, because ab and cd are each the lengths mn and qp. yes, because sides ab and cd are parallel to sides mn and qp. no, because ab is the length mn but cd is the length qp. no, because sides ab and cd have different slopes from sides mn and qp.
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Listed in the table is the percentage of students who enjoy different types of music. rap - 32% country - 35% pop - 22% classical - 11% use the table to determine the measure of the central angle you would draw to represent pop music in a circle graph.
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Colby and jaquan are growing bacteria in an experiment in a laboratory. colby starts with 50 bacteria in his culture and the number of bacteria doubles every 2 hours. jaquan starts with 80 of a different type of bacteria that doubles every 3 hours. let x equal number of days. colbys experiment follows the model: a.) y=50*2^x b.) y=50*2^8x c.) y=50*2^12x jaquans experiment follows the model: a.)80*2^x b.)80*2^8x c.)80*2^12x
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Calculate the side lengths a and b to two decimal places....

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