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Zoey made 5 1/2 cups of trail mix for a camping trip. she wants to divide the trail mix into 3/4 cup servings. a. ten people are going on the trip. can zoey make enough 3/4 cup servings so that each person gets one serving? b. what size would the servings need to be for everyone to have a serving?
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(25 ! ) what does it mean for an equation to have no solution or infinitely many solutions?
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The life (in hours) of a magnetic resonance imagining machine (mri) is modeled by a weibull distribution with parameters β = 2 and δ = 370 hours. (a) determine the mean life of the mri. (round your answer to 2 decimal ) determine the variance of the life of the mri. (round your answer to 1 decimal ) what is the probability that the mri fails before 250 hours? (round your answer to 4 decimal places.)
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The graphs below show the number of faulty products, y, produced by a company for the first eight months since production started. both graphs show the same information product quality product quality number of faulty products number of faulty products 0 2 6 8 0 2 6 8 4 months 4 months graph a graph b alex is preparing a report and plans to discuss how there was only a slight decrease in the number of faulty products over the first eight months complete the following sentences to support her discussion, it would be best for alex to use for her presentation alex should use this graph for her presentation because the number of faulty products on this graph undo next
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Raul invest 590,00 Hungarian forints...
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