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The amount of time you ran on the track

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Jackie purchased 3 bottles of water and 2 cups of coffee for the family for $7.35. ryan bought 4 bottles of water and 1 cup of coffee for his family for 7.15. how much does each bottle of water cost? how much does each cup of coffee cost?
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Write the equation in logarithmic form m^x=n
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Answer this two poles, ab and ed, are fixed to the ground with the of ropes ac and ec, as shown: two right triangles abc and edc have a common vertex c. angle abc and edc are right angles. ab is labeled 13 feet, ac is labeled 15 feet, ec is labeled 10 feet, and ed is labeled 4 feet.what is the approximate distance, in feet, between the two poles? 11.14 feet16.65 feet14.35 feet15.59 feet
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How do you write 600 as a product of its prime factors (index! )
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The amount of time you ran on the track...
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