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Solve 5·23 using the distributive property.

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Express 350 to100to400 as simple ratio
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The standard distance between studs in a house is 1.5 feet. if you have a set of blueprints for a house that mark every 1.5 feet with 2 in., by how many inches will a 13-foot wall be represented?
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What is the average rate of change for this function for the interval from x=2 to x=4 ?
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About 250,000 people of a certain community live in the country. of that number 73,920 live in state a and b. the number of people of that community in state b is 12,480 more than three times the number in state a. how many people of that community live in each state?
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Solve 5·23 using the distributive property....

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