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The object shown above has a mass of 10g. it is slowly lowered into the beaker of water as shown. will it float?

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23) 84% of a contractor’s jobs involves electrical work. 75% of a contractor’s jobs involve plumbing work. Of the jobs that involve plumbing, 90% of the jobs also involves electrical work. Let E = jobs involving electrical work L = jobs involving plumbing work Suppose one of the contractor’s jobs is randomly selected. Using the sixth Excel worksheet, a) Find P(E). 0.84 b) Find P(L). 0.75 c) In words, what does E | L mean? d) Find P(E | L). e) Find P(E and L). f) Are E and L independent events? Why or why not? g) Find P(E or L). h) Are E and L mutually exclusive? Why or why not
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The triangle shown below has an area of 12. find x
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The mean and median of 100 observations are 50 and 52 respectively. The value of the largest observation is 100. It was later found that it is 110. Find the true mean and median.
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The means and mean absolute deviations of the individual times of members on two 4x400-meter relay track teams are shown in the table below. means and mean absolute deviations of individual times of members of 4x400-meter relay track teams team a team b mean 59.32 s 59.1 s mean absolute deviation 1.5 s 245 what percent of team b's mean absolute deviation is the difference in the means? 9% 15% 25% 65%
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The object shown above has a mass of 10g. it is slowly lowered into the beaker of water as shown. wi...

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